Page settings menu

Page settings explained

Page settings help you manage the appearance and functionality of your content. Change page settings for visibility, publishing, custom URLs and many more.

i) Information

Page creation and modification dates. MORE

ii) History

Keep track of change made to the page over time. MORE

iii) Template

Change the template for the page. MORE

iv) Navigation

Set visibility and change parent page. MORE

v) URLs

Change the page URL and add vanity or short URLs. MORE

vi) Search

Set meta description and keywords and block spiders. MORE

vii) Tags

Use tags for filtering and sorting sets of pages. MORE

viii) Relationships

Connect pages and automate presentation of related content. MORE

ix) Child pages

Predetermine settings for all child pages. MORE

x) Admin

Set-up and mange special page settings. MORE

xi) Page access control

Restrict access to pages based on editor user groups. MORE

xii) Feature image

Choose an image to signpost the page across the website. MORE

xiii) Visibility

It's time to make the page live on the website. MORE

xiv) Draft status

Make changes, review changes and publish. MORE

xv) View live

See how the live website is looking. MORE