CMS navigation options

Support - available options for CMS navigation

Navigate the CMS functions. What a user sees can be set at an individual or group level using permissions in the people manager.

i) Dashboard

The dashboard is the initial login view and shows recent activity

ii) View site

View and edit the website in the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) environment.

iii) Asset manager

Upload and manage website images, documents, video.

iv) Asset upload

Shortcut to uploading assets.

v) Edit robots.txt

Set follow, unfollow and other robots.txt options for the website. MORE

vi) Pages

View the page manager and overview of all site pages.

vii) People manager

Add users, create groups and set permissions.

viii) Settings

Including adding Google Analytics tracking code, site admin and support contacts.

ix) Template manager

View all templates and the pages that are using them.

x) Manage account

Change your password.

xi) Logout

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