Page setting options


Default or initial URL

The first time a new page is saved the URL is created with the new page title. The URl format is set by the Child page settings for URLs or from the postion of the page in the site page structure. For example a new news story might have a default URL of:

Primary URLs

The Primary URL is the one used by the page.

  • Click on a row (A) to make it the primary URL for the page.
  • Changes are automatically saved.

Add URLs

Secondary or vanity URLs can be added that will also redirect to the primary URL.

  • Enter the new URL (C). Type as normal with spaces, the CMS will insert hypens between words and strip out erroneous characters.
  • Hit your return key to finish.
  • URLs previously used for the page are automatically saved and redirect to the primary URL.
  • Delete a URL with the icon (B). Try not to delete URLs that may have external links to the page.