Page setting options

Draft status

Understanding the various visibility states a page can be in.

(B) Publish now

The changes in your draft replace the live/published page.

(C) Set embargo time

Click to reveal the date picker. When set the changes in your draft replace the live page at the set time/date.

(D) Revert to published version

Discard your changes and revert to the previous live/published version of the page.

(A) Preview current version

See your draft changes as they will appear when live/published.

Page status

Draft pages and published pages explained


  • A visible page has a published version - this is the version seen on the live site.
  • A published page will not be seen in the live site unless it is also visible.


  • If the live page is edited a draft version is created that is only visible to CMS editors.
  • This version of the page remains as a draft until it is published at which time it replaces the live page.


  • Changes to a draft page can be set to publish at a future date and time rather than be published immediately.
  • The live version of the page remains until the draft is published at the set date and time.