BoomCMS v6.0 released

New CMS dashboard, Laravel 5.3, and PHP7

BoomCMS v6.0 is now available. The main focus of this release was to upgrade Laravel to version 5.3 and drop support for PHP versions prior to PHP7. CMS users will also notice the new CMS dashboard which will be visible after logging in.

BoomCMS Dashboard

The new dashboard is intended to provide an overview of recent activity in a BoomCMS powered site. It currently includes a list of recently created pages and news from Future releases will expand the dashboard functionality.

Laravel 5.3

BoomCMS has been updated to work with Laravel 5.3. This ensures that template developers can continue to use the latest Laravel features.

As well as these major changes v6.0 also includes a number of other minor bug fixes and improvements, including to multi-site support and UI fixes to the smartphone view.